The Ming Thing is a popular YouTube channel that features a group of Malaysian talents, mostly making lighthearted videos about the funny side of life.
Who’s the creative mastermind behind all this? Twenty-four-year-old writer, director and producer Ho Ming Han, from Selangor, more popularly known by his online moniker, Ming.
He actually started YouTube-ing to promote his own music, back when he was still in university. Starting off with sporadic video postings every few months, his YouTube channel suddenly took off in early 2012 — inspiring him to concentrate fulltime on this social media venture after completing his studies this year.
Perhaps you might have even seen a few of his comical YouTube clips trending on your Facebook wall: “If Asians Made Burgers”, “12 Types of Love Confessions” (by Dan Khoo Productions), “Shit Boyfriends Say”, and the more recent “If Hashtags Were A Language”. His most epic production so far, though, is a romantic mini-series called “This Is Why”, about how a shy young man finds the courage to tell a pretty girl that he likes her.
We invite Ming to explain what it takes to make a living as a young YouTuber in Malaysia.