How to Disappear into a Rainbow is multimedia artist Dawn Ng’s installation by way of colour portals. The new Aloft at Hermès is transported into a kaleidoscopic labyrinth of shades, comprised of daybreak hues and juxtapositions of pastel blocks and mirror panels. In this interview, the author taps into the artist’s view of what meaningful aspects of identity and culture could be derived out disappearing into this sea of colour palette.

Prior to this exploration of a variegated rainbow labyrinth, Dawn had embarked on other studies of colour, emotion, nostalgia and identity.

Portrait of the artist

Portrait of the artist

How have these experimentations in Colour changed over time?

The palette in my work is often reflective of the pervasive mood and tenor unique to the current point of time in my life.

When did your exploration for Colour begin and why has it been of such interest to you? Was there anything you had set out to achieve in the explorations of Colour?

The colours were derived from a spectrum of daybreak hues. I wanted to create an abstract sense of moving through the soft pastel colour planes of an early horizon — that child-like, ephemeral place between sleep and consciousness. The colour portals represent different passageways or doors, and their symbolic and psychological ability to usher a person from one place, time, or self, to the next.

There is no pedantic takeaway message. I believe the more people think, the less they feel, and the less they are able to just be. I wanted to take people out of their everyday realities and immerse them in a surreal landscape of colour, in which they can simply get lost. Getting lost is a meditative and cathartic act. No one gets lost anymore. It’s impossible with the technology we have in this day and age. I think to encounter and engage with something we are not sure of is a beautiful thing, to go through that naïve sense of exploration brings us back to being a child again.