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Bambike’s Revolution

Posted on September 8, 2013

replanting bamboo

Bryan Benitez McClelland, PHILIPPINES

Social Entrepreneur and Founder, BAMBIKE

“If there’s a wheel, there’s a way,” as some like to use the pun. In the case of Bryan Benitez-McClelland, he took the wheel, as well as one of the most resilient trees on the planet, and started a revolution. His socio-ecological enterprise, Bambike, produces bicycles made from bamboo, and its mission goes beyond the retail business of selling specialised, custom-built bicycles to an elite market. The brand is built on a set of core values (people, planet, progress) with the earnest intention of providing solutions to some of the Philippines’ biggest problems: environmental degradation, transportation and mobility, poverty and under-utilised manpower. Using the bicycle, bamboo technology, and business, Bambike reorients how we look at consumerism and entrepreneurship in relation to the community. This is not the first time bamboo was used for lifestyle products or for innovative sustainable solutions in the country, but it’s definitely speeding things up on the road to change.

What was the idea behind Bambike?

I moved back to the Philippines in 2007, after completing my Masters in Environmental Resource Management focused on Sustainable Community Development at the University of Pensilvania. My attention was drawn to Gawad Kalinga, a community development program in the Philippines. I was interested in a project that would make a positive impact in the country. It all started as a volutourism type of project to help Gawad Kalinga create a green building program. Back in the states, I was a whitewater kayak instructor, and I didn’t see much of that here, so I seized the opportunity and started Rapid Stream Ecotours, my first business endeavour in ecotourism development. My interest wasn’t merely in starting a business to make money.


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Celebrating the courage to be

Cassie Lim: Celebrating the Courage to be

Posted on July 12, 2013

“That’s the beauty of be movement. It cuts across all nationalities, all races, because at the end of the day, everyone just wants to be.”

– Cassie Lim, Founder of be movement

Cassie Lim Founder of be movement left her decade long career in the corporate world behind to begin this new platform of inspiring others to be.

Cassie Lim Founder of be movement left her decade long career in the corporate world behind to begin this new platform of inspiring others to be.

Celebrating the courage to be.

The tagline of this seemingly simple publication, be movement is about saluting the brave, acknowledging the everyday heroes, capturing the insightful lessons of the dreamers, and most of all, inspiring you and I that having the courage to be is the first step to achieving our dreams. It paints an honest picture of genuine stories, meant to trigger the mind, reassure the heart and invigorate the soul.

Cassie Lim, founder of be movement, worked in the corporate field for more than a decade before a life-changing experience made her rethink about her purpose in life. Calm, soft-spoken and fiercely passionate and dedicated, Cassie reflects on her journey.


Cassie: Back in 11 March 2011, I was caught in the middle of the Japan earthquake. There was a moment where I was trapped alone in a locked stairwell, with the entire building shaking on top of me. In the face of death, all the things I was chasing after weren’t so important anymore. Especially tangible things like wealth, money, success. Suddenly, they were no longer important. If the building were to collapse on me, I would just be nothing but a pile of dust. After that, through a series of soul searching, I had come to realise that what was really important were the intangibles. Things that you can’t see but what makes life worth living. Intangibles such as courage, diversity, the human spirit…things that put a smile on people’s faces. Things that make you feel something in your gut. Things that make you want to burst out of this physical body that we have. It is the underlying spirit that unifies us all. And that spirit is what makes us human—and what be movement hopes to celebrate.


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Art exhibits on display in a common room | Photo by Haziq Muhammad, Visual Inconsideration

Singapore: The Coming of Age of a Flourishing Art Scene

Posted on June 22, 2013

When the Displacements @ 13 Wilkie Terrace, an art exhibition, ends on Sunday, 23 June, the Chia family’s 77-year-old mansion would have hosted a musical band, silk screen and poster printing workshops and several dance performances: all done for the love of collaboration.

Yen Phang, a formal lawyer and a member of the Chia family, initiated the project with 16 other artists and invited them to interpret the theme ‘Displacement’. The estate will soon make way for urban redevelopment and was temporarily turned into a communal space open for the public to experience the charm of the mansion’s interior, enjoy conversations with the artists and leave with a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.

Moss art outside the Mansion | Photo by Haziq Muhammad, Visual Inconsideration

Moss art outside the Mansion | Photo by Haziq Muhammad, Visual Inconsideration


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