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Photo by Gary Elsasser.

Hong Kong – A City for Dreams

Posted on April 14, 2014

When I land in a city I love, I feel nervous. My countenance turns eager as I try my best to drink in every second, knowing it can’t last forever. After the raw nerves settle, I become thankful for the sweet days I have and do my best to see, to experience, and to pocket away gems of inspiration for the future. A few weeks ago, I experienced this when I travelled to Hong Kong.

To me, Hong Kong is magic. The energy, the attitude, the frantic pace of the city will forever be charming. In most cities, I appear impatient, always trying to get ahead a little faster. “Don’t people know there are things to do, places to see?” I joke. There’s no need to explain this to residents of Hong Kong. Whether waiting for the exit escalator at the MTR station or simply walking down the street, they are the ones challenging my usually most-aggressive walking style and veering me out of the way. It’s a nice feeling, meeting a global counterpart.

In an unfamiliar city, there are certain aspects that are grounding. No matter where I am in the world, I always find inspiration in skylines. Their vast, expansive nature always awakes feelings of wonder in me. Little surprise then after a meeting in Tsim Sha Tsui  that I couldn’t resist walking across the road to the Promenade and staring across Victoria Harbour at the tiny lit-up boxes on the Island’s skyscrapers. Powerful lives and ideas packed together so densely. I wondered, what was being created at that very moment? Perhaps the joy of cities can be encapsulated as places where anything can happen. Cities are places for dreamers, both young and old.

In Sheung Wan.

In Sheung Wan.


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Pretty Lights: Singapore's urban metropolis at night

Examining a Contemporary Cityscape Through a Kinder Lens

Posted on August 31, 2013

In Singapore, city planning is conducted in an ivory tower governed by the authorities. One could fully leave the incessant process of tearing down and building for bigger and better horizons to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) or private property developers such as Far East Organisation and CapitaLand, to name a few. In fact, entering the building of the URA is like visiting the museum of Singapore’s entire city planning history and, in fact, you can gather a repository of historical material from its in-house library. But concept plans and ivory towers hardly capture the spirit of a city, and one should dig deeper into the motivations and influences in a city’s design in order to unravel the nooks and crannies of city planning.
Taking Singapore as a case study, I hope to draw attention to the intricacies of our contemporary cityscape and what these reveal about our culture, in an attempt to view my hometown through a kinder lens and in light of its 48th birthday.

Architectural Geomancy

From conducting an informal research into the design of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s casino complex comprising of a luxury mall (with an indoor Vienna-style stream) that directly links to an equally ambitious ArtScience Museum, the wisdom behind the architecture is informed by conventional Fengshui wisdom. Without going into specifics in the confines of this article, one can pursue more information from websites detailing hypotheses in architectural geomancy here and here. It is hard not to imagine some tiger-fisted blueprint being helmed by the likes of Cambridge-educated Harry Lee, who could still heed to the conventional superstitions of the old-school fengshui masters. In any case, ever since returning to Singapore in July 2012, the view of Marina Bay Sands from the Benjamin Sheares Bridge has never been more beautiful.


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