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How a Creative Team Loses Steam

Posted on February 25, 2014

It seems like almost everyone today has a job that involves making content and attracting an audience.

The age of social media, brand journalism, content marketing, self-publishing, self-promotion, idea-preneurism, etc, has turned many of us into professional creators. Unlike the old days, you also have to be your own proofreader, photo editor, publisher, video producer, digital strategist, and more.

It’s just a matter of time before you hit a wall and feel overwhelmed. When an entire creative team experiences this, the situation can quickly evolve into a new level of hell for everyone.

While it’s a crazy way to make a living, I’ve managed to get by with a code of creative conduct. I call this The Way of The Writer, because that’s what I spend most of my time doing, but it could work in other creative fields. It’s just five simple ideas that help me keep a project from going off-track. Hopefully, the ideas below will resonate with you too.

1. The way is inside you, not anywhere else.

Creative teams lose steam when they get busy working on something they don’t really care about. They justify the reward and bully themselves to finish the work. That’s always when people start overdosing on coffee, cigarettes, junk food, etc, because their natural sense of motivation has shut down. Eventually, this may lead to a ‘shut down’ or burning out.

Creative teams can keep moving forward when they commit to something they feel is worth making, because they genuinely care about the outcome, and this gives them a quiet power to see things through. This is why creative teams should value honesty: it actually translates into real energy.


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Examining the Mental Blocks to pursuing a Creative Career

Posted on July 19, 2013

Within every deskbound Singaporean exists a creative soul.

When I look at Singapore, I see a nation of highly committed workers focused on growing their incomes, extending their exports, expanding services to generate incomes and build stores of wealth whether for a rainy day. Beneath these solicitors, accountants, and engineers, are dreams of being a musician, an artist, a dancer—all pushed aside to pursue ‘a proper job’.

There are reasons why these closeted creatives exist.


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Celebrating the courage to be

Cassie Lim: Celebrating the Courage to be

Posted on July 12, 2013

“That’s the beauty of be movement. It cuts across all nationalities, all races, because at the end of the day, everyone just wants to be.”

– Cassie Lim, Founder of be movement

Cassie Lim Founder of be movement left her decade long career in the corporate world behind to begin this new platform of inspiring others to be.

Cassie Lim Founder of be movement left her decade long career in the corporate world behind to begin this new platform of inspiring others to be.

Celebrating the courage to be.

The tagline of this seemingly simple publication, be movement is about saluting the brave, acknowledging the everyday heroes, capturing the insightful lessons of the dreamers, and most of all, inspiring you and I that having the courage to be is the first step to achieving our dreams. It paints an honest picture of genuine stories, meant to trigger the mind, reassure the heart and invigorate the soul.

Cassie Lim, founder of be movement, worked in the corporate field for more than a decade before a life-changing experience made her rethink about her purpose in life. Calm, soft-spoken and fiercely passionate and dedicated, Cassie reflects on her journey.


Cassie: Back in 11 March 2011, I was caught in the middle of the Japan earthquake. There was a moment where I was trapped alone in a locked stairwell, with the entire building shaking on top of me. In the face of death, all the things I was chasing after weren’t so important anymore. Especially tangible things like wealth, money, success. Suddenly, they were no longer important. If the building were to collapse on me, I would just be nothing but a pile of dust. After that, through a series of soul searching, I had come to realise that what was really important were the intangibles. Things that you can’t see but what makes life worth living. Intangibles such as courage, diversity, the human spirit…things that put a smile on people’s faces. Things that make you feel something in your gut. Things that make you want to burst out of this physical body that we have. It is the underlying spirit that unifies us all. And that spirit is what makes us human—and what be movement hopes to celebrate.


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