If we were living in the Dark Ages, creatives who pursue a craft would find themselves in a respectable profession making things. Whether they were contraptions to build castles or battle armors for knights, these craftsmen made something valuable with their hands that influenced the outcome of wars.

As I sat down writing this piece I realized many people were just getting by with their skill. A majority find themselves crafting marketing material that fills into a junkyard of messages we’re already being bombarded by on a daily basis.

As creatives do we really need to craft marketing material to tell everyone else about their inadequacy?

Or can we put our talent to better use by making something useful?

Do we live to design or do we design to live?

Or if you’re a writer… Do we live to write or do we write to live?

Designers. This is our time. It’s a time for designers who hone their craft of making things, by initiating personal side projects to push the boundaries even when nobody cares. Because an artist creates and they cannot stop creating even when they struggle to pay bills.

Designers. This is our time. You’re not just in the business of making things pretty. You craft and skills mean so much more. You never followed the herd, you picked a profession that won’t make you filthy rich and you did it out of passion. Yes, you’re an outlier. Yes, you won’t easily fit in everywhere. Until you find somewhere you belong, don’t stop looking.

Look. Look for opportunities outside our own little circles. Look for opportunities outside stereotypes. Keep looking and don’t stop believing.

Be an economist. Be an entrepreneur. Be a life-long learner, don’t just funnel yourself and believe you can only be good at one thing. You are not cattle. You are an artist with a cause.

Join a movement, make an impact. The world is your playground. We live in an unprecedented age of opportunity driven by instant connectivity. Don’t believe you have to stay in one country, one role, and one project for your entire career. Get out there. Travel will enrich your soul and lead you to a place where you belong.

I trust you won’t settle. You can’t. Your feet may be tired but your heart is always restless.

If you want to create, you have to collaborate. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you multiply intellectual creativity. Hear, friction can be frustrating. But you’ll get through, you’ll find your favorite people. People who will respect your talent. People who will make work seem like the best thing since popcorn.

But you have to keep moving, you have to challenge yourself. Your work will start to stink when you get too comfortable. Don’t repeat mediocrity. Don’t settle.

Designers. This is our time to make a difference.


Daylon Soh

Daylon Soh

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Daylon Soh
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