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Saving the day, one code at a time

Posted on January 29, 2017

Full-time web developer and problem solver, part-time guitarist, photographer.



David Tan has had a whirlwind of a time. In less than six months, he had left his civil service job, picked up full stack web development, churned out several web applications, became a teaching assistant at General Assembly and landed a job with Thoughtworks – a global software consultancy firm. Oh and along the way, he married the love of his life and went on a honeymoon.

How did you get into web development?

It started with the buzz going around the internet about workplace automation. During my time in the civil service, I found myself doing repetitive tasks all the time, but I never knew how I could automate them. So I started coming to work an hour earlier than usual to experiment with VBA (the programming language of Microsoft Office) to automate some of my work. I didn’t get very far, but one of the cool things I managed to create was a nifty little script in my email. If I had used the word “attach” in my email without including any attachments, an alert would pop up. I realised then that even though programming felt difficult and scary, it could be satisfying too (no more embarrassing missing attachments!)


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Photo via flickr, @aigle_dore

The Pursuit of Inner Solitude

Posted on November 2, 2013

The growth of cities have seen the shrinking of work spaces and living spaces. As more people attempt to capitalise on where opportunities are to be found, cities get painfully packed. Industrious planners have toiled for years to compact as many brilliant minds as possible into smaller square feet of space. Without a hinterland to run to, it could be difficult to find a quiet place to muse, to work and ponder.

However, escaping inwards could be an answer to find a quiet space within where you can come to yourself, clarify your thoughts, or just sit in awareness. This ‘retreat in daily life’ can be taken in a closed room, or a noisy bus. Nonetheless, free meditation support groups have asserted that if one can achieve just ten minutes of stillness, it is beneficial for rooting oneself in the causes that one lives for, gives greater impetus, increased motivation to strive for the end goal you have in mind, or achieving a greater awareness of self.

An increasing number of youths have also embraced meditation or forms of meditation as a compass to guide them through life. Even though, doing nothing in the midst of meditation is one of the hardest things to achieve in our rapidly paced, urgent world. Never mind also that attention spans are becoming shorter (see article by Daylon Soh—Death to Brainstorming.)

25 year old Kiyoko Ong, a member of Singapore Soka Association said, “Most importantly, it teaches me to respect all human beings as everyone has buddhahood or Buddha nature in them. That’s the first step towards compassion.”

Upon examining some religions and belief systems, one finds that meditation, or some form of pursuing silence, quiet, reflective thinking, is the basis of most of the worlds’ oldest religions. Here’s a look at how different belief systems embrace the pursuit of inner solitude.


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Examining the Mental Blocks to pursuing a Creative Career

Posted on July 19, 2013

Within every deskbound Singaporean exists a creative soul.

When I look at Singapore, I see a nation of highly committed workers focused on growing their incomes, extending their exports, expanding services to generate incomes and build stores of wealth whether for a rainy day. Beneath these solicitors, accountants, and engineers, are dreams of being a musician, an artist, a dancer—all pushed aside to pursue ‘a proper job’.

There are reasons why these closeted creatives exist.


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