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Top Stories from our Writers

How BooksActually Actually Makes Books

Interview: How BooksActually Actually Makes Books
by Don Bosco

An interview with the founders of BooksActually, a boutique bookstore, and Math Paper Press, a small press publisher of poetry, full-length novels and essays.

Death to Brainstorming

Death to Brainstorming
by Daylon Soh

Brainstorming, a 60 year old technique that we still rely on to build ideas; hardly effective. What does companies like Pixar & IDEO do differently?

SPOT ART 2013: The Growing Pains of Young ASEAN Artists

SPOT ART 2013: The Growing Pains of Young ASEAN Artists
by Isabella Ow

The growing interest in ASEAN art abroad has not helped young struggling artists to cope with the realities of making art locally. Support remains limited.

Interview: Hunger + Survival=Mother of Creativity

Interview: Hunger + Survival = Mother of Creativity
by Chiara Maria de Castro

Meet Clara Balaguer, founder of a creative organization based in the Philippines. Its mission: Enable projects, writers and designers in the developing world.

Requiem for a Culture

Requiem for a Culture
by Jean Hui Ng

Trade-ins are an inevitable part of life and a trend in the global capitalist economy. But how much is too much when one balances good between growth?

One Question on Determining the Value of Creativity

One Question on Determining the Value of Creativity
by Cleo Ngiam

We ask 5 creatives around the world, from USA to Japan, their thoughts on valuing creativity and their work.

The Importance of Right Brain Thinking in Education

The Importance of Right-Brain Thinking in Education
by Neville Hew

In all aspects of a holistic education curriculum, subjects that actively engage the use of creativity should be encouraged. The UK government seem to think otherwise.

A Third Kind of Human

A Third Kind of Human
by Jennifer Lien

As women in China become more well-educated, many find increasing difficulty in finding a suitable spouse. Our writer explores this phenomenon from within.

Room for Erotica in Singapore?

Room for Erotica in Singapore?
by Stella Lee

Despite strong book sales data for adult fiction, the local erotica scene has a scant traction of known works, and the supply does not seem to be forthcoming.